Nadel Paris On Music Existence

EDM Mood Maker/ Pop Realist, Nadel Paris’ new single, “Oooh La La La La” hits the Billboard Dance chart. Currently, the single is #38 and is set to climb the Top 40 Radio chart as programmers embrace the song across the country!

Nadel came to America from France with her producer, DJ M. As their bond grew, Nadel realized she was the best choice to perform her music. Nadel says, “I was shocked, when I sang, my accent was barely noticeable!” With an IQ of 150, Nadel has a hard time holding her tongue when it comes to politics and gender equality and hopes to be part of the movement to help boost how people view fluid sexuality. She’s openly bisexual and says, “Fluid sexuality loses its course when it is okay with some, and shocking to others. We need to teach people through example that if you love a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. We’re all empowered by the same desires and needs: we all just want to be loved. What counts is the way you handle people; hopefully it’s with respect, loving and caring for your partner. That is what matters the most! You may be in a relationship for eighty years or get a divorce after eight, whom you love should not be a factor for prejudice or fiasco.”

Nadel’s lyrics focus on the social issues of the day but also bang a hyper electro beat; breaking barriers while staying true to the music. She says, “There’s a shock factor to most of my songs. At the same time, I try to present a strong image of women. The single exudes sexuality and having an amazing time, but always trying to stay real. When you’re done, you should go, no lies or broken promises. Today, we run the show and that’s an underlying thread of my single, staying strong and fearless.”

A native-born Parisian, Nadel’s Mom was a Christian Dior model; that’s where she learned about the qualities of beauty, compassion and higher learning. At age 12, she had a contract with EMI France which helped jump start her love of music and acting.

Nadel adds, “I was born in the wrong era; but I’m thrilled to have access to technology to remix my music to match my full creative potential. I love how ‘Ooh La La La’ starts out Pop and evolves into something more electrifyingly EDM. My dream is to blend the best of both fantastic eras, pre-computer and digital.”

Nadel’s new single is gaining radio airplay across the country, widening Nadel’s audience reach with every spin! The debut video for her single, “Ooh La La La” will be available in March.

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